Thursday, January 19, 2017

Dhamma Talks by Sayadaw U Pannathami

Dhamma Talks (mp3) by Sayadaw U Pannathami from 06-01-2017 till 25-01-2017 while conducting the Satipatthana Meditation Retreat 2017. Please feel free to download from the provided URL:!ApvTCVXiRNUZiWguRLH9FN6EpabU

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

MBMC 2017 Special Meditation Retreat

Anyone who is interested in applying the 2017 Special Meditation Retreat (conducted by Sayadaw U Pannathami from 06.01.2017 to 27.01.2017 3 weeks), please download and fill-in the application form, then email to or send in to MBMC office. Details information can be found in the poster.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Satipatthana Vipassana Intensive Meditation Retreat

Anyone who is interested to practice vipassana meditation during the vassa period, kindly fill-up the application form, then either submit your form to MBMC office or send to Please click application form to download.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

MBMC Vassa Entry 20.07.2016 Photo Sharing

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Invitation to Vassa Entry


Will all beings be enlightened?

Sayadawgyi U Panditabhivamsa narrowed down the question to 'whether all beings will be enlightened when there comes a time that there are no ordinary worldlings (person) left.'

Sayadawgyi answered, 'frankly, this does not seem likely to happen anytime soon.'

Those who are close to the Buddha & Dhamma and who have perfected the Paramis, will gain the special Dhamma. Developing Paramis is done in every existence.

Yogis & meditators are practising to gain the Dhamma - if they don't succeed, then the work remains to be done in another existence. If they laid the groundwork in previous existence, they can complete their task in this one.

Developing Paramis means performing acts of wholesomeness:
1) generosity
2) morality
3) renunciation
4) wisdom
5) energy
6) patience
7) truthfulness
8) resolution
9) loving-kindness
10) equanimity

The practitioners do so without self-interest; work for the benefit of others.

If the goal or objective is to benefit others or for the attainment of Nibbana, then such deeds are truly wholesome. Developing of the perfections is very important.

Another very important practice for liberation is 'attasammapaiddhi' - proper self-regulation.

We must shape our physical, verbal & mental behavior to be free from flaws, to be lovely & well formed. And we must do so with a particular view toward developing the mind for knowledge.

To be able to regulate oneself successfully, one must rely on a kalyana mitta, a spiritual friend. In another words, a qualified teacher. One must also in a place where Dhamma Vinaya is well propagated.

These indispensable conditions - living in a place where the teachings are available, meeting the wise & having the opportunity to shape oneself - all come from past good actions.

Sadhu! Sadhu!  Sadhu!

The State of Mind Called Beautiful - by Sayadawgyi U Panditabhivamsa

Friday, May 27, 2016

Sayadawgyi U Pandita Last Message

Sayadawgyi Relics

MBMC Wesak Eve Celebration

MBMC has organized a One-day Meditation Retreat to commemorate the Buddha Day —— Wesak Day, which represents the birth, enlightenment and passing away of the Buddha. Ven. Sayadaw U Pannananda was also invited to preach Dhamma on this auspicious Wesak Eve.

2016 Wesak Eve Celebration

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Back to MBMC Dhamma School 2016

MBMC Dhamma School is opened again for year 2016. Welcome all old and new students to come back for Dhamma learning together with parents. See you on 17.01.2016 and wishing you enjoy and benefit from the learning.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Wesak Day 2015

The Buddha, whose conquest (of moral defilement) is complete, in whom there cannot arise any further defilement in this world, that Buddha of infinite range of wisdom, who is trackless, - by what track will you lead him?   -- Dhammapada 179

Wesak Day's Programme:
  • 1 Day Meditation Retreat (8am to 8pm)
  • Puja @ Bodhi Tree (8.30am to 9.30am)
  • Blood & Organ Donation @ Mudita Hall (9am to 12,30pm)
  • Dhamma Quiz @ Sima Hall (9.30am to 11am)
At about 8.30am, the devotees, youth group, Dhamma School students, parents and teachers gathered at the Bodhi Tree area for the Buddha Puja and chanting. Upon the arrival of the Sangha, all devotees started to take refuge in the Triple Gem and observe the 5 Precepts. This was followed by the Sangha reciting the Anekajati Pali (Consecration of the Buddha Rupa). At the end of the chanting, representatives of MBMC board of management offered milk rice, water, flower, light and incense to the Buddha Rupa. To conclude the ceremony, the devotees recited the virtues of the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha and circumambulated the Bodhi Tree three times.

We got an overwhelming response from the devotees for the blood donation campaign. The response to the organ donation was less enthusiastic but nevertheless there were donors. The blood donors started to queue early in the morning. Majority of the donors were Burmese devotees who not only showed their support to donate blood, but they also prepared food for the donors and devotees. Sadhu to all!

For the Dhamma School, teachers also took the opportunity to gauge the Dhamma knowledge of the students (who had attended 4 months’ of learning) and parents. There were 3 groups of participants, namely, Sila, Samadi and Panna, and each group consisted of students from elementary to advance level as well as parents. The questions were designed to test the different level of students, beginning from basic to advance questions. The Panna group did well to win the quiz by scoring 123 marks. All participants were given a gift each as a token of appreciation for their participation and to encourage them further.

On the meditation retreat, the 1-day yogis practised diligently and mindfully so as to purify their minds on this auspicious Wesak Day. The 1-day retreat was conducted by Brother Tay Chong Seng and Brother George Ng.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! to all Dhamma workers, donors and volunteers for serving the Buddha Sasana. May the beautiful Dhamma continues to blossom and flourish in all of you.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Kathina Day 2014

All the Brothers & Sisters in the Dhamma, you are cordially invited to MBMC Kathina Eve at 18.10.2014 (Saturday) as well as MBMC Kathina at 19.10.2014 (Sunday). The program as state below:

The members of Kathina main sponsors (Punnavaddhana Group) have sponsored 2 Dhamma books this years and 1 book from MBMC Friday's yogis group are to be given out at Kathina Eve by members of Sangha in MBMC. Come to join us and bring home these Dhamma books for yourself, your family members & friends.

Wishing you all a very Happy & Rejoicing Kathina Eve & Day in MBMC. Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Welcome to join us for Pindapata @ Vassa 2014

Appamatto ayam gandho
yayam tagaracandani
yo ca silavatam gandho
vati devesu uttamo.
                                                  -- Dhammapada 56

Verse 56: The scents of rhododendron and of sandal wood are very faint; but the scent (reputation) of the virtuous is the strongest; it spreads even to the abodes of the deva.

The Story of Thera Mahakassapa
While residing at the Veluvana monastery in Rajagaha, the Buddha uttered Verse 56 of this book, with reference to Thera Mahakassapa.

Arising from nirodhasamapatti*, Thera Mahakassapa entered a poor section of the city of Rajagaha for alms-food. His intention was to give a poor man an opportunity of gaining great merit as a result of offering alms-food to one who had just come out of nirodhasamapatti. Sakka, king of the devas, wishing to take the opportunity of offering alms-food to Thera Mahakassapa, assumed the form of a poor old weaver and came to Rajagaha with his wife Sujata in the form of an old woman. Thera Mahakassapa stood at their door; the poor old weaver took the bowl from the thera and filled up the bowl with rice and curry, and the delicious smell of the curry spread throughout the city. Then it occurred to the thera that this person must be no ordinary human being, and he came to realize that this must be Sakka himself. Sakka admitted the fact and claimed that he too was poor because he had had no opportunity of offering anything to anyone during the time of the Buddhas. So saying, Sakka and his wife Sujata left the thera after paying due respect to him.
The Buddha, from his monastery, saw Sakka and Sujata leaving and told the bhikkhus about Sakka offering alms-food to Thera Mahakassapa. The bhikkhus wondered how Sakka knew that Thera Mahakassapa had just come out of nirodhasamapatti, and that it was the right and auspicious time for him to make offerings to the thera. This question was put up to the Buddha, and the Buddha answered, "Bhikkhus, the reputation of a virtuous one as my son, Thera Mahakassapa, spreads far and wide; it reaches even the deva world. On account of his good reputation, Sakka himself has come to offer alms-food to him."

-- Source from