Sunday, July 17, 2016

Invitation to Vassa Entry


Will all beings be enlightened?

Sayadawgyi U Panditabhivamsa narrowed down the question to 'whether all beings will be enlightened when there comes a time that there are no ordinary worldlings (person) left.'

Sayadawgyi answered, 'frankly, this does not seem likely to happen anytime soon.'

Those who are close to the Buddha & Dhamma and who have perfected the Paramis, will gain the special Dhamma. Developing Paramis is done in every existence.

Yogis & meditators are practising to gain the Dhamma - if they don't succeed, then the work remains to be done in another existence. If they laid the groundwork in previous existence, they can complete their task in this one.

Developing Paramis means performing acts of wholesomeness:
1) generosity
2) morality
3) renunciation
4) wisdom
5) energy
6) patience
7) truthfulness
8) resolution
9) loving-kindness
10) equanimity

The practitioners do so without self-interest; work for the benefit of others.

If the goal or objective is to benefit others or for the attainment of Nibbana, then such deeds are truly wholesome. Developing of the perfections is very important.

Another very important practice for liberation is 'attasammapaiddhi' - proper self-regulation.

We must shape our physical, verbal & mental behavior to be free from flaws, to be lovely & well formed. And we must do so with a particular view toward developing the mind for knowledge.

To be able to regulate oneself successfully, one must rely on a kalyana mitta, a spiritual friend. In another words, a qualified teacher. One must also in a place where Dhamma Vinaya is well propagated.

These indispensable conditions - living in a place where the teachings are available, meeting the wise & having the opportunity to shape oneself - all come from past good actions.

Sadhu! Sadhu!  Sadhu!

The State of Mind Called Beautiful - by Sayadawgyi U Panditabhivamsa