Saturday, May 9, 2015

Wesak Day 2015

The Buddha, whose conquest (of moral defilement) is complete, in whom there cannot arise any further defilement in this world, that Buddha of infinite range of wisdom, who is trackless, - by what track will you lead him?   -- Dhammapada 179

Wesak Day's Programme:
  • 1 Day Meditation Retreat (8am to 8pm)
  • Puja @ Bodhi Tree (8.30am to 9.30am)
  • Blood & Organ Donation @ Mudita Hall (9am to 12,30pm)
  • Dhamma Quiz @ Sima Hall (9.30am to 11am)
At about 8.30am, the devotees, youth group, Dhamma School students, parents and teachers gathered at the Bodhi Tree area for the Buddha Puja and chanting. Upon the arrival of the Sangha, all devotees started to take refuge in the Triple Gem and observe the 5 Precepts. This was followed by the Sangha reciting the Anekajati Pali (Consecration of the Buddha Rupa). At the end of the chanting, representatives of MBMC board of management offered milk rice, water, flower, light and incense to the Buddha Rupa. To conclude the ceremony, the devotees recited the virtues of the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha and circumambulated the Bodhi Tree three times.

We got an overwhelming response from the devotees for the blood donation campaign. The response to the organ donation was less enthusiastic but nevertheless there were donors. The blood donors started to queue early in the morning. Majority of the donors were Burmese devotees who not only showed their support to donate blood, but they also prepared food for the donors and devotees. Sadhu to all!

For the Dhamma School, teachers also took the opportunity to gauge the Dhamma knowledge of the students (who had attended 4 months’ of learning) and parents. There were 3 groups of participants, namely, Sila, Samadi and Panna, and each group consisted of students from elementary to advance level as well as parents. The questions were designed to test the different level of students, beginning from basic to advance questions. The Panna group did well to win the quiz by scoring 123 marks. All participants were given a gift each as a token of appreciation for their participation and to encourage them further.

On the meditation retreat, the 1-day yogis practised diligently and mindfully so as to purify their minds on this auspicious Wesak Day. The 1-day retreat was conducted by Brother Tay Chong Seng and Brother George Ng.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! to all Dhamma workers, donors and volunteers for serving the Buddha Sasana. May the beautiful Dhamma continues to blossom and flourish in all of you.