Saturday, June 25, 2022

MBMC Vassa Meditation Retreat (July to Aug 2022)


Sukhihontu Yogis 🙏🏻

MBMC has reopened for intensive retreat.

During the long Covid break (since March 2020), MBMC managed to renovate & upgrade some of our facilities such as female yogis quarters, male yogis dormitories, top floor meditation hall & toilets at the meditation building to better support the Bhikkhus & Yogis.

With the reopening of our Centre & the upcoming Vassa period, we now would like to invite all Yogis who are interested to practice Satipatthana Vipassana Meditation intensively to apply for meditation retreat at MBMC under the guidance of Nayaka Sayadaw Ashin Pannananda. Interested Yogis are requested to submit your online Yogi Application Form through the link below.

With the guidance of an experienced Sayadaw (Kalyanamitta) & a conducive meditation environment, may all Bhikkhus & Yogis who practice Vipassana meditation diligently at MBMC progress swiftly in gaining Insight Knowledge until the attainment of Path & Fruition Knowledge.

Sadhu!🙏🏻 Sadhu!🙏🏻 Sadhu!🙏🏻


• Minimum 10 days retreat.

• Subject to Nayaka Sayadaw Ashin Pannananda acceptance.

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